I am a father of two boys and I love playing basketball. I really enjoy interacting with people. I think it is hugely important to be able to ‘connect’ with the people I work with, and I am good at that. If you can’t get the chemistry going with the person in front of your camera you will never be able to get the right feel out of a photograph.

Before I decided I wanted to be a photographer for life I did other stuff. The first part of my “Working-Life” I was a business consultant. But I felt that spending my life in traffic jams and in dull business meetings was not the ultimate thing I wanted to do. I really enjoyed doing it at the time, but I guess I grew out of it. I longed for freedom and creativity. That is why I pursued a career in photography.

A huge chunk of my photography work is creating images for the so calles “Leisure Industry” Meaning Hotels and Resorts. I shoot Interiors, exteriors, food and beverages. I also love doing lifestyle work. Involving people and getting that perfect shot is just awesome. Check out that part of my work here: www.hotelcreatives.com

If you have any questions, or want to book me for the next awesome assignment, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Contact details:

phone: +31-6-46188558.
e-mail: sander [at] sanderbaks.com.